Hey Girl...where did You Get Those!

Bluetooth Speaker (Amazon) $15.99

When I first purchased this, it was for a family White Elephant Gift exchange. It wasn’t super expensive so I thought, well maybe one of the kids could use it. But for some reason, I wanted this for myself and I’m so glad I did.! The sound on this little beauty is amazing for the price that I pad. I hooked it up to my laptop because those speakers are not great, but now with this awesome! It’s rechargeable and easy to use!  

Girls Dress (Amazon) 
Size 6x $19.99

I love this dress. I purchased it for our daughters Christmas dress.  At times it’s difficult spending a lot of money on a dress that she’s only going to wear once. Now, I wasn’t entirly sure how this was going to look because well, it’s $19.99 and I’d never heard of the company. But let me tell you, it was so poofy and that’s what my daughter loves. We rocked this with some black tights and black shoes. Now, it’s a dress that she will either wear around the house or we’ll donate to a friend. This was a solid purchase and I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting her Easter dress from here as well. 

Toddler Travel Bed (Amazon) $69.92

These have been our saving grace! My in-laws live in IL and they don’t have too many places to sleep so we decided to purchase these travel beds,  The reason we did that was due to the fact that our youngest was just turning 1.5 and he didn’t like sleeping in a pack-n-play but he LOVED this and so did his 6 year old sister! The best part the mattress in one of them just ripped, I contacted the company and they are sending me a replacement mattress at no charge.  

They come with their own bags and pumps. We take these everywhere because they are so quick to put up when the kids want to nap! 

Bluetooth Sleep Mask (Amazon) $18.99

These are so much better than I thought they would be. I’m a very light sleeper and I also could never get my brain to shut off, So I decided to invest in this sleep mask so that I’m able to listen to my guided meditation and it wouldn’t bother my husband or if my kids were in bed with me.  It does an amazing job if blocking out the light and it’s lightweight (I sleep warm and the other ones I’ve tried made me sweat). The sound is good (pretty loud) and it stays in place during the night.  The speaker also don’t both me that are by my ears because they’re flat. 

It shows that you can also workout with these, which I haven’t tried because as mentioned above I’m a sweater and don’t want to wear them to bed if I work out in them