revital U Weight Loss Journey

Hi! My name is McKinsey and I’m super excited you stopped by my page! YAY! A little about me.. I’m a Wife, Mom of two crazy kids, Zoey is 5 and Greyson is 2, a full time Salesforce Administrator with a side gig in Smart Coffee. I’m 38 years old, who loves golf, football well any sports really. And about 8 months ago I was introduced to revital U. That honestly, goes down into one of the greatest days of my life (aside from my kids births and the day I married my husband). Long story short, I’ve struggled with my weight from the day I was born. Growing up I joked a lot about my weight because I figured I would just beat the others to it.
I’ve tried wraps, counting calories, intermittent fasting (which didin’t turn out well for anyone), I’ve done the Whole30, Atkins and my list could go on and on… These are great programs..for some…. but they didn’t work for me. It wasn’t until my last baby where it really set it.., I’ve got to do something.. My kids would ask me to sit on the floor and play, but I just couldn’t do it for fear that I wouldn’t be able to get back up. (here enters revital U)..
My sister approached me about this weight loss product which, let me tell you she doens’t “buy in” to the quick fix types of weight loss.. But I thought what the heck, she had researched all the ingredients and said you have to try this it’s not like all the other junk you’re taking (I think she was referring to my energy addiction)… At the time I joined the company it’s was Nov 7th my sons 1st Birthday.. I did join the company before I even tried the coffee (crazy right…..SO WRONG lol)….
Here I am… sharing my revital U story with the world in hopes that it helps people just like me. You’ll want to mark my site as a favorite. I’ll share receipes, stories, before and after photos of real people using revital U with a side of coffee humor!
Make today great!

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