revital U Success Story

Here is the story of my friend, Lindsey Crawford. When I say this coffee is changing lives, I’m not kidding.
Here is her story
For years I’ve been diagnosed with: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia Chronic Migraine CRPS Lupus Hypothyroidism Facet Joint Syndrome Raynauds Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Chronic EBV Late Stage Lyme disease Seizures Spinal Degeneration Babesiosis Candida Bartonella Mycoplasma & more! • I have had every ailment under the sun, I’ve experienced the worst pain with no way to relieve it year after year after year. I’ve done physical therapy, acupuncture, medications, chiropractic, injections, UV treatments, wore back braces, special diets, supplements, deep tissue massage, yoga, bio feed back, “retraining the brain”. I spent a month in pain rehab. No medications ever seemed to touch the pain. I never responded well to therapies. It was just a never ending battle since this all started at age 9.  Does this sound familiar to you? Would you do ANYTHING to get their life back? 
     If that’s you, I’m talking to you. When I was this miserable I would do or try ANYTHING to be able to have a ‘good day’ & I’ve finally found something that has given me more good days than I could have EVER hoped for!
– It’s not a pill. In fact, I was taking 86 pills a day when I started this. – It’s not a “system” or a special diet. (Because no, it was hard enough to get anything down with the constant nausea.) – It’s not expensive. {With the treatment involved for everything above – lord knows we have a tight budget!} – It’s not disgusting. {I’ve choked down the worst tinctures, vinegars, medications, potions, shakes… you name it!} no thanks! It’s something I was already consuming every single day. It’s COFFEE. I changed the coffee I was drinking. And BOOM my LIFE changed! • Did I expect this to happen? NOPE. All I was hoping for was a little more energy, and possible to take a few less pills. You guys, I’m out of bed!! Day after day the fatigue no longer has control over me!
I will shout this from the rooftops if it’ll help ONE person open their mind to it. To just upgrading their coffee… It worked for me. It could work for you. • I’m simply suggesting {in a super long drawn out way} that if you have any of the ailments I was suffering with, I think this could help you too. Keep on fighting- your life isn’t over yet.
I NEVER thought I could feel this good… I’ve gotten a second chance in life and I can’t keep this to myself.

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